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Hi isfchick, welcome the F forum!
I'll try to help you out. From what you are describing it sounds like your front rotors need to be replaced like Pat.ross said. If I could drive it for you, I could tell you for sure. A little strange though, typically front rotors especially rotors the size of the IS-F would have to get incredibally hot and stay hot in order to warp them. They are tough and the IS-F has huge cooling ducts to keep the brake rotors cool. I'd have to ask a couple of questions, did you buy this car new from the dealer? How many miles are on it? Has it seen any tracktime? A pulsating pedal when braking usually means warped front rotors. Front rotors on every car I know of perform about 75-80% of the braking. The amount of pulsating (shaking)your feeling can vary depending on what mph you are braking at. Say 25-35 mph may produce very little to no shaking but when coming off the highway at 65-75 mph everything shakes. Warped rotors can cause this condition. The harmonics will increase when trying to haul the car down from higher speeds. If it were me, the next step would be to talk to the service manager in person (by phone ok) and explain EXACTLY what is happening and that the replacement of the rear rotors didn't help. See if the dealership has a tech on staff dedicated to work on the IS-F. Keep the line of communication open and friendly and you should be able to come to a resolution!
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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