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SGM pics (not of my car) ;)

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SGM pics

A few professional pics of my color! :)
Sorry, not my car or my pics, just my color!

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They look "F"antastic!
Changed you name I see:eek: We (I) don't want to see someone else's car, I want to see yours:p

Nice color, if I do say so myself :p

Thanks for posting the pictures.

08 Smoky Granite Mica IS-F
Great pics! :cool: I don't think the F is available in a bad color option :p
We have some good photographers in this forum! The streets look empty. Looks like everyone cleared the scene for your photo shoot!
Hey Guys,
Sorry if I wasn't clear, not my pics or my car, just my color! :)
I just have a point and shoot for now.
Here's a link to just a couple pics for now:
hijacked photos FTW!!!
;) Is that your girl btw?
My buddy shot a few of mine this weekend. I didn't know he was gonna break out the real camera, or I'd have washed the pollen off! :( Still some neat wide angle pics!

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