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Service interval

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Hi guys,

I got my 10k service done on October 10 (at 9500 mi) and the service sticker in the window says the 15k service should be done at either 15k or January 10. I only have 11k on it right now and am wondering if I should take it in now or wait till about 13k or 14k (I realize the timing is important and thus am not thinking I should wait until 15k).

I don't put too many miles on the car and don't think I need to take it in 1000 miles after my last service. Just like to get your thoughts.

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Wait until 15k to do the 15k service. With the quality of lubes used today, there is no reason to bring it in every several months if you don't put on the miles. This is just an easy way for the dealership to get more money.
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