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SEMA 08 Video Orange IS F

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Check out the orange IS F at the Lexus booth at SEMA this year.
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Nice sunroof on this IS-F. Webasto has been around for a while and knows roofs. Brian Fox mentioned in the video that that IS-F doesn't come from the factory with a sunroof. You can order an IS-F with sunroof delete option however, almost all of the IS-F's coming in to the United States have a sunroof in them. Just wanted to clarify for all.
that is a pretty sick sunroof
yeah it is pretty cool. I wonder if its any lighter?
Sweet video and sunroof!!
i dont think i saw one wit out it
They are out there. Moonroof Delete is an option. Moonroof is a standard feature of the IS F. The only way to get a non-moonroof model is by special order.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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