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SEMA 08 Pics

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Just a few for the ISF community. Surprised no one has posted up yet. A few pics of me in an MC escher self portrait style ;) damn shiny cars.

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you may want to reconsider a seibon product....look at fitment

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were you actually there? very nice pictures btw, i really love the artisan twin turbo and i can't wait for it to come out!!, the orange is sick color as well

Thanks for the pictures fig
Fig, did you attend? I was in Vegas but didn't get in till late Friday (some dang airport construction delayed my flight so I couldn't get there). I did see the white F with the carbon fiber hood and fenders at the hotel I was staying at, looked really sick :)
yeah I was there from Tuesday to Sat. Sore feet.
The shock setup is the same setup as what I will be working on for the F. modular shock setup, that particular one is for the nissan Z. So different attachments.

On the TT from artisan, it will be moved back to the front of the car, this was more of a trial run to get everything working . At least that is what I was told anyway. The thought of all that oil supply and air cleaners behind the wheels is not too tempting.

I have yet to upload my pics. I'm still recovering from last week! Keep on the lookout for a video interview we (jruhi4, Joe Z and I ) did with Troy of Five Axis. :)
great pics hope to see more.
Here's a link to the SEMA website with a ton of pictures from this year :)
How did you contain yourself from all these WOMEN!!!

Screw the cars, kidnap the women..Get a Harem!!
haha, there were a few that I took note of ;)
How did you contain yourself from all these WOMEN!!!

Screw the cars, kidnap the women..Get a Harem!!
Haha I didn't get there until late Friday night cause of airport problems so I wasn't able to attend, although there were tons of women I had trouble not bringing back with me :rolleyes:
I Had a good time at the show and ran into a couple of people from My.IS while I was there. Here are some of the photos I took. There are way too many to post on here, so here is my link on Flickr.

SEMA 08 - a set on Flickr
Sweet pics and welcome to the site!!
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