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Selling my ISF!

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I'v owned my ISF since September last year and have absolutely loved owning and driving it. It's by far the best car iv owned.
I live in the UK and was planning on taking it to Australia with me when i emigrate later this year. However, recent changes in duty levels and ruling on length of ownership it's no longer viable to take the car with me so i am VERY reluctantly having to sell.
I really cant fault this car and the day it goes will be a very sad day for me, and my wife who thinks 'its ace!' :D
Iv had a reasonable offer from the dealership i bought it from to buy it back which ill take if no buyer can be found privately.

Just thought i would let you guys know the sad news :(
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Depress me on a Friday. Thank You :(
Sorry Fella
Already!! Sorry to hear that. Isn't your prince planning to emigrate to Australia too?
Already!! Sorry to hear that. Isn't your prince planning to emigrate to Australia too?
With regards to price. If i agree to sell back to dealership i bought it from i would lose £8000 on the car since September :mad:
But if i get a sale through my private ads (which i doubt) i would only lose £4000. I am in the UK too if you didnt realise.
Sorry to hear that. Perhaps you can pick up an ISF in Australia? :)
for $129,000 base in aussy-land.
Something's gotta give ha. Sorry that it's the ISF. I hope you can get one in Australia.
Id like to think i would get one, but to be honest i can see me using the £30k to put towards my first proper house instead. I could get one though but i think ill put the money into the house... it must be karma haha :(
I'm sorry to hear you have to sell your car, that is definitely bad news. I've heard that there are a lot of cool cars in Australia, so hopefully you will find something fun.

Good luck with your move.

08 Smoky Granite Mica IS F
get a vxr8 bathurst. 550hp supercharged 6.2l v8. i believe its the same as the caddy cts-v
Yeh those Bathurst VXR8s are a bit of a beast. Quality and interior arent a scratch on the Lexus though. I love the way you can just quietly cruise around in the Lexus without being obviously fast. The VXR8 is just a bruiser of a car and in your face. I bet its still great to drive though.
My wife has already said she wants some kind of old american muscle car to drive around in over there. She wants to get an old one in need of some work and for me to do it up for her.... thats nice of her haha! Her favorite is a Ford/Mercury Comet so far (someone watches a bit too much One tree hill :rolleyes: )

If she leaves it up to me then i have a few ideas...

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