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Sell Vorsteiner carbon fiber front spoiler

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Vorsteiner carbon fiber front lip For Sale

Hi guys, I am selling my "almost new" VSF Dry Carbon Fiber Front Spoiler. I only used it for less than 2 weeks. Too bad that I have to go back for good to my home country soon. So if you are interested please text or call me at 206-446-7796. I am selling it for $ 1000 OBO (shipping not included). Retail price is about 1300 not including shipping and its make to order(takes about 2 months to get it manufactured)

Looks like new !


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Great lookin Spliter IDE fave it but it would cost $$$$ to ship to the uk.
Yeah man, too bad. This spliter is awesome. Do you have friends in US who are interested? I need to sell it quick because I will be going back for good next month. I might be thinking to lower the price to $950
i have a vila in florida but wont be back out to march. have you lowering springs
Oh oke. Well, if you really want it I can keep it for you. I am gonna give it to one of my friends and ask him to keep it for you until March. I don't really mind though
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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