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Well I have a few scratches on my car. I am so freakin depressed about them. They are not scrapes or anything really small scratches and stuff. I was wondering if lexus can fix these scratches and for about how much? What is the cost to repaint a car from black to silver! Because I get really pissed when I see all those little swirls etc. on my black F. Please answer back. Any products which can fix the scratches? Thanks guys.
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if they are swirl marks over the entire surface of the only idea is that you could put 2 or 3 coats of wax on it........with a non scratching cloth of course.

i use meg's nxt tech wax on my matador red swirls...

if the swirls are only in a few places u could try some clearcoat scratch remover....
Check out the link below. I only use Meguiars products on my car and their site is really helpful as to what to do with certain paint care questions. Enjoy
I had a cl55 Benz and I used turtles wax the wax is black it seeps in to the swarls alil try it might help. Try not to push on the rag to hard when u dry it after washing it. Plus don't use terry cholths cuz they hold sand and other harmful things it will cause swarls. And do you go to car washes ?
little scratches are nothing dont worry about it...don't even think about repainting a car, because your not looking at anything lower than $3k because they have to remove so many parts are paint them, and i believe that any lexus paints are usually pearls so the paint in general are expensive as well, just get some touch up and buff it out with some good wax, no biggie, it happens man don't let it get to you just buff it really well with some Meguiars NXT wax, itll be fine, don't go to repainting a car, unless you have too...
Try using Meguiar's Scratch X..It works wonders for me on the Pearl White F..
Make sure to use micro fiber takes a while to remove but it works..:D
Hey thanks guys for the responses. Man I love this site, I dont know where I'd be without it.:)
scratches are found on all cars! especially noticeable on dark colored cars. don't worry about it. if it's just in the clearcoat, you can just buff it out. depending on how deep the scratch is will determine what kinda polish you'll need to use. start with the mildest one, like scratch-x, and move up from there. use a high quality microfiber towel to apply and another one to remove and buff.

if it's in the actual colored paint, you will need to fill it with touch up paint and wetsand it out until the blob is level with the rest of the paint.

wax is only good for hiding and filling in scratches, not removing them. :) the scratches will reappear once the wax fades off its protection.
Quixx scratch remover also work very well on factory paint and it provides a permanent repair.

Quixx scratch remover also work very well on factory paint and it provides a permanent repair.

Hey Fig, i tried to the Quixx i bought 2 packs of them, i feel like it kind of doesnt work or something, unless im using it wrong.
I just ordered the Quixx today. I can't wait to try it out (on my wife's car). ;P
I tried Quixx. The scratch remover paste has to be used very gently, it will leave light scratches. I finally just used the polishing paste by it self and it worked very good for my light scratches. The instructions discuss this also.
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