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Sayin heLLo :]

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I joined this awhile back but never now I am!;) I have a 2008 IS-F black on black and still love it til this day <3 I've had some mods done to it, currently waiting on my rims, 20s & will be 11inches wide in tha rear SUPER exciTed!!:D Anyways, HELLO!:)
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I guess welcome...or welcome back. What other mods you got? Who is the manufacturer of the rims you got coming?
Ha, Thanks ;) As for mods, I have a Joe Z Intake and exhaust/ roof spoiler/ changed my fogs and headlights/ had my dome light, vents and foot areas turned to blue I'm just trying to figure out how to change all the green button lights to blue also...and my wheels are by Davin:D
Was the LED swap hard? did you do it yourself or have a shop do it?
I wish I could do it myself, but I'm not skilled in that area of expertise...sooo I had a place in Auburn do looks cool, I love it:D
Sounds good. Shoot me a PM with the cost and name of company you used. I might look into this.
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