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Rust Protection and Clear Bras

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Hi everyone,

Got a couple of of questions regarding rust protection and clear bras like the 3M stuff.

1) Does anyone currently have rust protection on their car? Maybe something like Krown or some other spray-on? What is it like? Should I go water-based or petroleum-based rust protectant? I live in Toronto pretty much, so during the winter, we get a lot of snow, ice and road salt, and definitely I want to do as much as I can to protect my 'investment', so I'm thinking some form of rust protection is pretty much a MUST.

2) I was reading the forums and I heard a few names being thrown around, like the 3M stuff and Llumnar or Lumar or something? :confused: Which one is the best of those, since I'm thinking of getting a SFP IS F, is there one that blends the best and makes the lines less visible? Haven't really seen anyone on this forum from Toronto, but might as well also ask if there's any recommendations on where to do to get all this work done!

Sorry for the super long post, thanks in advance! :p

- Dixon
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Howdy Dixon!

Sorry but I cannot help you out with regards to rust protection. I have no idea which would be better, hopefully someone on here does though!

With regards to the ClearBra and the best choice, it's all going to depend on personal opinion. I would venture to say the most widely used one is the 3M film. As far as which ones are going to show more so then others, that is going to depend on thickness. A lot of times if you go to a custom shop to have it installed (or even some dealerships), they will ask you how think you want the film. The thicker the film, the more it will show. You have a white car though, so there is really no reason to worry about showing, white tends to show the lines of the bra the least.

I would ask your dealership who they have install clear bra's. That would be a good starting point when looking for shops in your area
Thanks for the info, Mike! For the 3M film, that would be a really good idea, asking the dealership, probably SOMEONE must have at least asked them about it, or even had it done through them, should've asked the dealership when I was there today!

Can anyone chime in on the rust protection?
I also can't help much with the rust protection but I had a Ventureshield bra installed and am very happy with it. I had the bumper and my painted grill surround done. We did a pretty thick bra on mine, but I did not go up onto the hood b/c I didn't want the line on the black. As Mike says, you should be good to go with as thick as you would like on the white though, as it will show less.
I have/had a ClearBra on my past 2 cars and have loved having it. Protects you from rock chips and other things on the road that tend to eat at the bumper and hood especially on cars that sit low to the ground.

I've had the Llumar product as well as the Avery Dennison product. Both were great to me. If you look at Llumar compared to 3M (looking at the product) the Llumar is more clear where the 3M has some yellow in it. As mentioned, 3M is the most popular but I'd go with the Llumar or other film.
Thanks for the replies! Got me thinking now maybe I should request Llumar over 3M, anyone got a picture of the 3M bra on a SFP? Does it really look yellowy? :eek: Wouldn't want the front end to stand out from the rest of the car!

Still waiting on someone to chime in on rust protection, but another question just popped into my mind... what happens when it comes time to wash and wax the car? Do you just leave the clear bra alone? or how does that work? :confused: Do you wax the clearbra? :confused:
When you wash or wax your car there is no reason to worry about the Clearbra. It is stuck on the car and won't go anywhere. I would be careful around the edges and lines though, just take extra care to wash around them carefully. You can wash and wax the bra with no bad effects. Treat it like it's part of the car (painted on there) with the exception of the edges where you take more care :cool:
^ Correct... Wash and wax a clear bra just as you would your paint, just be careful around the edges due to buildup. I also recommend using Plexus on a ClearBra after every wash.

Plexus Plastic Polish, Cleaner & Protectant

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Thanks for the information! :) So being careful is not smearing the wax against the edges so it doesn't leave buildup on the edges, correct?
Exactly. And when drying, make sure you do it along the lines so as not to pull against the bra to where you could create peeling points
Thanks for the info, this is VERY helpful :D
nut sure why you need additional rust protection. The F has poly skirts and the whole car is galvanized at the factory to prevent rust. I think with all of the plastic underbelly as long as you give it a wash once ina while, keep it waxed, you will be good IMO.

Hmmm, then maybe rust won't be a big problem after all! :D We'll I guess it's more with the wheel wells and stuff, like rusting on the panels around the wheel well, that's where usually I find cars start to rust first, but I guess if they've done all that work on the underbody, I just MIGHT not need additional rust protection.

It snowed again today in Toronto, and the snowplowing trucks came out and salted the roads, so now I'm sure that the bottom of my car is salted enough to cure meat, which is why I'm worried.

Stupid Canadian winters.... Grrrr.
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