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So my buddy at Supreme Power told me about his friend at RPI (Race Precision Inc.) They do ALOT of Mercedes, BMW m5, m6 and e36-e92 m3's. If you guys want look them up on youtube especially their new e92 m3 exhaust. Anyways he said he wants to make a full custom exhaust for our cars. Eloy at RPI is great, I guarantee he can pull 30hp from his exhaust for our cars and make it look amaing. He was thinking making the tips like the LS but to fit the F cutouts up and down except sideways. Feedback is always good but look them up, listen to their exhaust and gains on youtube and I promise this WILL be the best exhaust on the market for our cars. These guys are ligit but more people interested would get it started. Let me know
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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