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Roadtrip Report

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I went on my first Roadtrip in the F.
I drove from home (west-la) to Lake Tahoe and back (highways 405--5--395--14).
Total millage roundtrip was just over 1000 miles.
On the way up, I was trying to drive as gas conscientiously as I could.
I was able to average just under 25MPG, and went about 322 miles with still about an 1/8th of a tank left (before I had to refill).

The drive was great, the car operated flawlessly. Up at Altitude (Tahoe is around 8K in elevation) the car was feeling starved for Air and I could feel the lag, but with the powerful V8, I still had plenty of pickup.

On the drive back to LA, I managed to get up to 168MPH before running out of Road and slowing down. That's the fastest I've ever gone in a car. :)

Overall The F was awesome!

My rear sway bar (part no PTR02-53080) Just arrived.
I'm going to go get it installed. I'll let you know how it feels!

For those interested, I ordered it from here:
search for the factory part number: PTR02-53080
Cheapest place I found it online. Took a little while to ship, but not hassles otherwise.
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I'll be going to Solvang this weekend. Can't wait to experience the drive!
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