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Road hazard insurance saves the day!

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I took a trip down to key west expecting to be able to open up the f a little. I was able to fly a little until I got to us-1. Once that happened all the fun died. us-1 is just that.....a 1 lane highway (well 2 if you count the people coming back). I was getting stuck behind trucks and people carrying there big boats. I did have a little bit of fun passing people in the oncoming lane, but that aint much cause its always some body coming. Once i hit the bridges I was expecting them to be two lane...nope wrong. So after 2 to 3 hours of driving I finally hit my first country town. I was happy that i got more than one lane to ride it, but i wasnt happy with the 45mph limit or the raggedy ass roads. Oh and the troopers didnt help either. But once I finally hit key west I hoped the city would have better roads than the country towns...wrong. It was just as bad. So me and the wife hit the hotel to relax until the next day. So the next morning I wake up and what do I find...a almost flat tire. So i fill with air hoping it does blow cause i have nittrous in the tire already. But to make a long story short...i have to keep putting air in the tire for the next two days and every our on the way back from key west. The reason i didnt have it patched is because i had the road hazard insurance. I know I would have to take it to the lex dealer to use it and get a new tire.

I finally get to the dealer and he tells me my rim is cracked...I say ok lets order me a new one. The dealer thinks that I have the lex insurance and the wheel is not covered cause it is after market. I tell him to call the insurance company. He does and he comes out the office stunned. So know I have to get in touch with the previous owner to find out the special offset that was done on the car so I can get my brand new rim.
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Now the situation has turned into a headache.
The damn rim was custom cut to fit the car at butler tire in atl. So now I have to ship the rim to atl to have the guy who cut it take the measurements so he can get a new one done and shipped out to me. I talked to the guy at the rim shop and he told me that it is sounding like the lex dealer is bitchin about paying to get the job done....even though my insurance will take care of it and they will get reinbursed... I should have listened to my wife and gone through jm lexus.
What do your rims look like? Pictures of your car?

Hopefully it all works out for you!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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