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Ride quality comparison

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I was wondering how the isf ride in terms of smoothness compare to it's competitors like the m3 and many other high horsepower cars? When you encounter a road with cracks and chips it feels like the cars going to fall apart. But on a nice smooth road it feels like your flying. Please leave some feedback.
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All the press reviews say that the M3 with the adjustable suspension rides better set to comfort than the IS-F. I don't know that from personal experience (the BMW dealer declined to let me drive it without making a deal first), though.

I would be interested to hear how the standard M3 suspension compares to the IS-F.

I've alse heard that the track package for the C63 is brutal, but I haven't driven a C63 for the same reasons as above.

08 Smoky Granite Mica IS-F
My friend has a C63 and I've been in it, it's nowhere near as comfy as the F and the ride quality is somewhat similar from what i have seen as I didn't cruise in it for a while... the seat is definitely much more comfortable in the IS-F. I haven't ridden in the new M3 yet but I know the seat is also more comfortable in the F, as for the ride quality I can't comment... Moreover I assure you after 2 or 3 years when the germans wear out the F will be the comfiest out of all 3 (not that it's not) but the ageing will not show on it.

The other thing i can add is when the car is in full auto mode, the gear behaves like a luxury car which adds to the comfort.
I must agree, the ISF is a Bad A$$ luxury car and the BMW M from personal experience is not as comfy as the F, however, if you get the adjustable suspension(a lot more$$), the M is better. Def more comfy compared to the RS4, i dont know about the C63.
I drive the F about 200+ miles on weekends without any discomfort..but never taken it off the beaten path.
And omar makes a great point, 3 years from now, the F will look and feel a lot smoother than the rest of the bunch.
The F has a very compliant ride, but it can get a little choppy and stiff for those who are not used to a sport type suspension. It is a little on the harsh side when you get on concrete freeways with large expansion joints or uneven, choppy asphalt.

If there was one thing I can fix on the F, it would be an adjustable mode suspension. Other than that, the car is easy to drive regular or hard all day and all night. :D
I quite enjoy feeling the road, so I like the sport suspension. On previous cars, I would always opt for a sport-tuned suspension if offered. Granted, the IS-F is a bit harsh, but honestly you should not be buying this car if you want a smooth riding Lexus...
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