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Hi Everyone. I recently just replaced my brake pads by ordering them online and having someone put them in for me (saved almost 700 dollars by not going to the dealership), but I have gotten some intense squeaking afterwards from the change. I originally though that it was not put in right, but taking it to the dealership, I found out that the rotors itself needed changing. They let me feel the rotors, and they were uneven a bit.

Now here's my question, can the cross drilled rotors on the ISF be resurfaced? I can't bear to spend the 1000+ on new rotors after having put in new ones only about a year and half ago. One dealership said they will not resurface at all because the rotors will eventually develop spider cracks and who knows what will happen afterwards. Another dealership said yes they would but its very risky and I shouldn't. Their also charging $450 just to resurface them :(.

I am completely stumped on how to go about this in a way that I won't have to keep shelling out so much money to them. Are they lieing about the rotors or can I get them resurfaced? If I need to eventually buy rotors, I will buy some online and have someone put them in, but if I could simply resurface I would rather do it. I can feel the uneveness on the rotors themself, and with the squeaking i'm guessing it's pretty bad. Any Ideas? Thanks in advance.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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