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Report: Lexus Teases European Market CT Hatchback

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Lexus has just released a quick teaser image of a new model the luxury automaker will unveil at the Frankfurt auto Show this September. The car is a hatchback and is designed specifically for the European market. It is also expected to be a hybrid as Europe will not get the HS250h hybrid model.

Small luxury cars (coupes and hatchbacks) in this segment are quite popular, so Lexus has decided to go head on with rivals like the BMW 1 Series, Mercedes B-Class, Audi A3 and Volvo C30. Lexus will position its hatchback as a hybrid competitor to the diesel variants of these small luxury vehicles.

Lexus has yet to release any official naming for the car, but recently patents for the names CT200h, CT300h and CT400h were registered. The alfanumeric name actually spells out exactly what the car is. The "C" standing for the C-premium segment of cars and the "T" for touring, a name commonly given to hatchbacks or wagons in Europe. The small "h" indicates that the models are hybrids, while the numbers indicate roughly the power output of the engine (rather than its size). That being said, the CT200h, as it is expected to be called whenit debuts at Frankfurt, will make roughly 200hp from a hybrdized 1.8-liter four-cylinder engine.

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