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Report: Lexus IS-F CCS Concept Officially Dubbed "Circuit Club Sport"

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Unveiled late last week at the Tokyo Auto Salon, AutoGuide was first to bring you news of the mysteriously-named Lexus IS-F CCS Concept. It was easy to recognize the many changes made to the car, with plenty of body panels replaced by carbon fiber components, including the hood and truck. Now we have learned just what the “CCS” stands for and, as we expected, the name is “Circuit Club Sport.” Now we didn't exactly foretell the name, but we did surmise that, much like the bright-orange BMW M3 GTS, this IS-F is a look at a potential track-ready version of the high-horsepower sedan.

Along with the lighter weight body components, there's also an aero-enhancing front splitter (also made of carbon), plus some light-weight wheels, a lowered suspension and a new exhaust system that adds roughly 12-hp for a total of 428-hp.

There's no word from Lexus or Toyota if there are any serious plans to bring this concept to production, but we' re certain they'd find a few buyers.

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I like this, I hope Lexus will make a lighter / more powerful ISF. Even more weight savings and maybe a tad more power. I like that it is the same color as the M3 GTS too. BMW went hardcore on this, removing over 400 lbs and stroking the motor to make more power.
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