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Replacing Puddle Lights

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Anyone know where I can find a tutorial on changing the bulbs in my Puddle Lamps?

I looked in the book and couldn't find anything for the puddle lamps....

I looked for a spot to put a screwdriver, but couldn't find one...
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here's how i changed my puddle lamp lights to LED's

There are 4 screws behind the mirror on each corner. Just push the mirror into any corner and use a long thin phillips screwdriver to unscrew at the opposite end. You will still have to pull out the corner of the mirror a little bit past what the motor allows it to go (At times it feels like it may break, but it didn't for me). Place one finger in between the mirror and the housing (creating more space) and unscrew with the other hand. Repeat in each corner. Once the 4 screws are out the outer housing should slide out (towards the front tires).

Then you'll have the wiggle the back housing that is still around the mirror back out (like towards the back tires) and then you can disconnect the wire to the light and wiggle the light bulb housing (towards the ground/back tires). The lamp housing and the bulb should be together, replace the bulb with whatever fits.

Placing it back together is harder. Place the new light bulb with housing back in through the bottom (you'll have the wiggle the remaining housing towards the back tires to allow the light housing the slide back it. Then try the place the outer front cover back on, all 3 pieces need to line up before it will pop together. You'll have the hold the housing to replace the first screw, after that it's just simply trying to balance the screw in between mirror and the inside housing. If it drops, you'll just have to tilt the mirror up and and screw will come out.

I would use a magnetic screwdriver and a friend to help hold the mirror to save time.
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