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Replacement Tips

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someone stole my OEM exhaust tips and I want to replace them. Is there an alternative to going to lexus to buy the same tips again? I swear I saw titanium tips on here once that looked like OEM replacements..
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Apparently there are ones with a transparent blue clear finish?

i found a website:

but i'm kinda skeptical of buying them off a japanese website...
I have seen them on Ebay, you might keep an eye out there. Sorry to hear.
Those tips are expensive!
See my post @ Club Lexus.

Someone stole what! I can't believe it! And what's the idiot going to do with it, make his car look like an F? LOL!
There's some stock tips on ebay right now for $450 ish, I don't remember the exact price.
That is just crap. Hate to hear that your tips got jacked. I didn't know they came off, and never imagined that someone would want them enough to steal them? What could they be used for, other than an F?:confused:

Sorry brotha.:(
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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