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Reasonable Price for Tire Mount, Balance, & Alignment at Lexus Stealership?

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Hey Guys,

I'm asking a little late I guess at my F is at the dealership right now getting new tires mounted and an alignment but I wanted to see what some of you have paid for this service.

I'm looking at around $300 from my dealership which seems high. The reason I'm willing to pay is b/c my rims are like $2500/each and I'm afraid if they get screwed up by some other place i'll be SOL on getting them replaced or fixed.

Also, does lexus corp put out service coupons at all? I've got some coupons from the local dealership before but nothing lately.

My service guys i've used for years left so i'm not getting the "best" price he used to hook me up with either.

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I would look for a place on yelp that got good ratings from people with other high end cars.

You should also talk to the Manager before the work is done and express your concerns about them scratching the wheels.

If they screw up the wheels, they should be buying you new wheels or just take them to small claims court. Make sure to read the fine print on whatever you sign to see if there are any loop holes.

As far as the tires, my research shows that you can get a complete tire package on for about $1200, there is no need to pay $2000 at the dealership. You'll have to buy the TPMS replacement units, so I would get those from Lexus. I believe I saw the installation fee and warranty with the package as well. I would give them a call if I were you.
I had forgotten about this gem until I was ripped off by another tire/service center in Durham (avoid Colonial Tire at the 55/54 intersection!! They are under new management & will rip you off)! I needed 4 new tires and Ingold is no nonsense. They tell you the price and they don't tack on additional fees like mounting, lifetime balance & rotation, etc. The price I was quoted was the price I paid! I also needed an alignment, which was reasonably priced (around $74) and a state inspection. I came out of there paying exactly what I had anticipated and they didn't come back to me and tell me I needed additional costly repairs (like Colonial Tire did). They are friendly & efficient. I brought it in around 9am and they had it ready for me to pick up by 11am!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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