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RC-F coilovers and lowering springs

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If you are looking to install new aftermarket rims, fit them nicely in the fender arches and get rid of the wheel gap - you definitely need to take care of the suspension.

There are few options available for Lexus RC models.
Today we would like to share with you info on the coilovers and lowering springs made by RS-R. This brand must be familiar for Lexus enthusiasts for a long time, and they finally released suspension kits for the newer RC coupe.

* Click on the images below to view specs and pricing

Option #1: Looks, Improved handling.
1.4"-1.6" Front and 1.2"-1.4" Rear Body Drop
RS-R® - Lexus RC RWD (Rear Wheel Drive) 2016 Down Lowering Spring Kit

Option #2: Looks, Advanced Handling, Adjustability
+0.4" to -3.1" Front and 0" to -1.8" Rear Body Drop
RS-R® Sports-i™ Lowering Coilovers Kit

Which set would you choose for your Lexus RC - Springs or a complete Coilover kit?

Please let me know if you need a quote, I will be glad to calculate it for you! Don't forget to include your zip.
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All PM replied!

Recommended Adjustments for Optimal Ride-ability:

Front 0mm to -50mm (0inch to -2inch)

Rear 0mm to -45mm (0inch to -1.8inch)

Spring Rates:

Front 10.00kg/mm

Rear 14.00kg/mm

Please let me know if you need a quote!
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Ya know, I tried to buy Earl's Solo Bleeders from you guys. I couldn't do it on line because your system wouldn't allow it. So I called and spoke to one of your sales folks, who was areal jerk. Told me if Earl's Solo fit chart didn't list the ISF, then it wouldn't fit and he wouldn't sell them to me. I knew the correct PN and knew they would fit. I ordered them elsewhere, and you know, they fit and work just fine. I contacted your customer service folks twice about this, and have never received a response.

As far as automotive suppliers, you guys are waaaaaaay down on my list, at the very bottom!

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