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I had a couple of rattles that my dealer was able to resolve at least more or less:

1) The passenger side window seals made a "rattling" sound. I could isolate this by rolling down the window (even cracking it) and the sound would go away. The dealer used a silicone lubricant to take care of it. I've found I've had to apply the silicone lubricant a couple of times myself later to keep the rattling away. I had the same problem with my 04 TL, although it seems that my F is more prone to it.

2) There was a rattle in the passenger side air vent so the dealer added some felt strips. That seemed to get rid of that rattle.

My rattles seems to be very dependent on the road surface. The rattles would only manifest themselves on certain roads and not others. I took the Lexus tech out on the roads that exhibited the symptoms so they were able to isolate and fix them.

Good luck,

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