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Range Range

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Approx Range - Fuel left

How many km or miles can you drive when the approx range goes to zero? I realize that it will depend on how hard I press on the go button.

Does it go to negative numbers after zero?
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I believe there are two extra gallons saved so when it goes to 0, you still have a little left over. How many miles you get is going to depends on a lot of factors such as city, whether you punch it off the line, freeway, how fast, etc.
I agree that there is about 2 extra gallons. I have noticed that if I fill up right when it hits zero on the range, I usually top off at 14 or 15 gallons. The tank is supposed to hold 16.9 per the Lexus website.
Real Range After 0

Today I drove for 25 miles after the Approx. Range counter went to 0. Always good to know for emergencies!

Level road, divided highway (not an Interstate or similar)
60mph on cruise control
All windows and moon roof closed
A/C off
Tires at 40psi
Ambient temperature 90F
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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