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Raising performance to a whole new level. The IS-F.

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Designed, tested and refined on the world’s most challenging racetracks, the Lexus IS-F is a high-performance sport sedan that will grab the eye, seduce the ear and stir the soul. Its aggressive exterior will accompany impeccable handling, intense speed and unlimited exhilaration. Inside you will find more than 400 horsepower [1], the most powerful gasoline engine we’ve ever made [2]. You’ll hear what’s in store the instant you turn the ignition and bring the IS-F to life. Its 5.0-liter direct-injected V8 engine delivers over 350 lb-ft of torque [1], along with a 0-to-60 time below 4.9 seconds [1] [3]. To keep the driver in synch with so much power, the IS-F comes equipped with the world’s first eight-speed direct sport-shift transmission with paddle shifters that snaps quickly and crisply between gears, upshifting within a tenth of a second. In addition, a new torque converter lockup control allows the engine’s power to be directly relayed to the transmission in second through eighth gears, accelerating with the responsiveness of a manual transmission. With its advanced shift control, the transmission is capable of incredibly precise throttle “blips” on downshifts to help match the engine rpm to vehicle speed. All the while, a specially tuned suspension delivers impeccable road feel. Drivers will particularly enjoy this while riveted—very comfortably, of course—to front sport seats featuring larger side bolsters. Closer to the ground lie high-performance Brembo brakes specially designed to the specifications of the Lexus engineering team. These massive, cross-drilled front disc brakes with six-piston calipers are more than up to the task of restraining the 19-inch forged aluminum alloy wheels [4] which are manufactured exclusively for Lexus by BBS. Along with a lower profile and wider stance, the rear of the IS-F features quad exhaust tips. Their unique staggered, vertical design assures that this pure performance sedan is every bit as intimidating outside as in.
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