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Racing version of the Lexus LF-A spied near the Nürburgring?

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Sure looks that way, according to this Autoblog story:

Spy Shots: Lexus readying race-prepped LF-A?
by John Neff

The LF-A is one of those cars that seems like it will never get to market. We've gone through two different LF-A concepts already, plus an LF-A Roadster, and the high-performance luxury sport coupe isn't even on sale yet. Spy photographers from KGP have caught another new version of the LF-A near the famed Nurburgring in Germany, this one apparently decked out in full racing regalia. The most tell-tale sign that this is likely not a road-going version of the car is its giant, fixed rear wing in place of the retractable one seen on prior prototypes. It also has what appears to be carbon fiber canards on the outer edges of the front clip, which, last time we checked, aren't often found on road-legal automobiles. Our fine photographer friends suggest that Lexus might be aiming for success in motorsports with the upcoming LF-A, especially after seeing the fine performance of Nissan's new GT-R in competitive racing. After years of waiting and watching prototypes being tested, however, we're not holding our breath anymore.

Spy Shots: Lexus readying race-prepped LF-A? - Autoblog
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The latest Lexus magazine we received a couple of >

days ago has a picture of the convertible version of that car in it. Looks great. Still think it's a couple of years away though.... If they come out sooner there will be one very low milage IS F on the market :)
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