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Questions from a forum newbie

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Happy Holidays All!!

This is my first time reading and posting on a forum of any kind so I apologize in advance for any breaches in etiquette.

A bit about myself - I'm a 27 year old chicka living in San Diego. I still own my first car - a 2001 honda civic LX. It's got about 100k miles on it and I'm ready for a change. My husband drives an 05 STi and over the years I have gained an appreciation for speed (and luxury) when it comes to cars. I'm looking for an upgrade and a nice treat for myself. It would be a daily driver...I work about 15 miles from my house which consists of equal distances of freeway and street driving.

I've had my eye on the IS F for a bit now...I'm going to look at (and hopefully) test drive one on Sunday but I wanted to see if you guys thought this would be a good car for my needs. I've read quite a few articles on it as well as a lost of posts on this site. My main concerns would be 1) I'm a bit wary of giving up my manual option...I love the feel of a stick shift 2) Does the car constantly shift when driving on the streets since there are so many gears? Is it overly annoying? 3) Not too sure I want to give up my 5th seat.

What do you all think? I appreciate the input. Happy Holidays!!
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1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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