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I personally don't find it to shift too often, but some of the reviews have complained about too many gears. I'm not sure it is really ever a problem to have too many gears. The shifts in standard drive mode are smooth enough that I don't really notice unless I'm paying attention.

My IS-F is my daily drive and I really enjoy it. The only frustrating thing is that most of the time I end up driving in fairly heavy traffic, so I can't enjoy it like I would want to.

In some ways I miss a manual, but when I get stuck in gridlock it sure is nice to just put it in "D". I have a feeling that there will be very few manuals in the coming years unfortunately.

I personally didn't worry about the lack of the fifth seating position. The car is small enough the back seat isn't really that practical. It works fine for my dogs, but I wouldn't put people in the back seat for long unless they are pretty short. I doubt it is any worse than the STi though.

Good luck with your decision.

08 Smoky Granite Mica IS-F
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