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1.What are you going to be doing with it? I've raced my IS-F on the track several times and the handling was great, except for a slight understeer, and I'm not that crazy about the tire selection for the car. That being said, for daily driving this thing handles far better than the majority of sedans on the market, the M3 E90 is supposed to handle slightly better, but that is on track conditions.

2.The ride is definitely hard, expecially coming from a GS430, but you have to give up some comfort for the performance handling, especially cornering at high speeds. If you travel a lot on rough roads get an suv, because the C63, M3, and IS-F will all suck equally. This car was definitely designed for performance not comfort, however compared to the M3 and C63 it's supposed be the best.

3.Not sure what you mean about the cockpit making 'bad noises'? I will say I have not had any problems with rattling or other noises you may hear while driving. Also the noise canceling cabin, makes the ride very quiet.

If you ask me to trade my IS-F for a new M3 I wouldn't even consider it eventhough it's selling for $25,000-30,000 over MSRP. Since Lexus is new to this arena it still hasn't developed the hardcore followers that BMW has cultivated over so many years with it's M3 version. It's amazing that with it's very first shot at BMW and Merc, Lexus has come so close to topping a product that's been developed over so many years. I'm definitely looking forward to their next devlopment the LF-A, which I plan on buying as soon as it's available.

Hope this helps.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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