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1) The handling and steering of this car are benchmark compared to other models. Lexus used the Porsche 911 to set the bar and I feel it has reached it and then some. If you view every article comparisons vs. the M3 and Amg's the F beat them all on the skidpad/slalom courses. When i first drove the car I felt immediately connected to the car's every move. Having driven the M3- i would give the thumbs up to the IS F.

2) As any sports car the ride is not the most comfortable. Most sports cars are designed for speed not comofort.Lexus has given this car the best of both worlds. You will feel the bumps for sure on uneven roads, but on nicely paved roads it glides smooth. The bumps remind you that you are driving an exceptional sports's the price you pay for the handling.

3) Lexus has countermeasured all previous 1st generation interior panel noises...they are drowned out by the wonderful eaxhaust notes and faboulous sounds sytem.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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