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Let me know how you make out.... I think I do remember seeing some black covers on the back side... Do they twist off? Are there bolts? Im going to attempt my HID foglight kit on saturday... Hopefully all goes smooth... I have 168 led bulbs just need to put them in... I'll see if i can figure it out.... I would like to see pics of your DRL conversoin...

I just changed out my High beams 9005. I had a little issue with accessing the driving side compartment because of the wiring harness and windshield wiper fluid tube. The passenger side was no problem because the stock air filter has been removed.

I was able to remove the black covers by unscrewing the top screw just enough to slide the metal rod out from under the screw head. There will be two places on the black cover that the metal rod will rest in to hold the black covers. Remove the metal from these two areas. There will be two or three tabs on the opposite side the metal rod that hold the black cover in. So pull towards the engine on the metal rod side to assure you do not break off the tabs.

After that it is the normal twist the bulb to remove it from the housing. Good luck. Sorry I did not take pics, hard to do when its only me.

1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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