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NEVER EVER allow a black car(or for that matter ANY car) to be run thru a dealer car wash. TOUCHLESS ONLY!!! If you told your dealer in advance not to wash your car (as I always do) take it back and demand they have your car detailed at their expense. If you hand wash make sure you rinse thoughly first before touching the surface with a sponge. Also use (2) buckets of water, one for the wheels and one for the rest of the car. Same goes for the sponge. Then always dry with a micro-fiber towel or at min, 100% cotton. Or better yet first wipe with "The Absorber" then finish wipe with towels. Takes a little extra effort to keep a black car looking good but one of the best colors when clean IMHO! Hope this helps.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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