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Question for all of you Obsidian Owners??

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Ok, what's the deal with swirl marks? Are they there forever? Can they be polished away? Just got my car back from the 1600 km inspection, and there are swirl marks ALL OVER THE F'N PLACE!!!! I have now told them to NEVER wash my car again!! NEVER!!!
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I've had a couple of black cars and it is a real battle to keep up with the swirl marks. That's why I haven't owned a black car since. That and they are impossible to keep clean.

When they are clean, they are really beautiful though.

I had pretty good luck using the Meguiar's 3-step wax system which seemed to do a pretty nice job of minimizing the swirl marks. There are some threads here in the forums with people's experiences with different products.

I found this one pretty helpful:

Good luck,

08 Smoky Granite Mica IS-F
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Swirl Marks are inevitable, they are going to happen, but good wax, taking your time, because black shows up the most out of any color, but when clean and no swirls it looks so sexy!!
NEVER EVER allow a black car(or for that matter ANY car) to be run thru a dealer car wash. TOUCHLESS ONLY!!! If you told your dealer in advance not to wash your car (as I always do) take it back and demand they have your car detailed at their expense. If you hand wash make sure you rinse thoughly first before touching the surface with a sponge. Also use (2) buckets of water, one for the wheels and one for the rest of the car. Same goes for the sponge. Then always dry with a micro-fiber towel or at min, 100% cotton. Or better yet first wipe with "The Absorber" then finish wipe with towels. Takes a little extra effort to keep a black car looking good but one of the best colors when clean IMHO! Hope this helps.
Thanks for the tips. The dealer does owe me a detail. When I put my summer tires on I will get my detailing done.
i just got my black ISF and it's the first black car i've ever owned. my first step was to get the scratch X after I clay bar'd it. then add the wax. also while following FBTO's advice as well. I think it might hold out on the swirls we'll see what happens
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