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I wasn't sure how to prepare my PS2s for track use and so left them at the factory spec, 36 psi. They wore out fast on a road course, at the outer edges anyway. I think maybe a boost is in order next time to more evenly distribute the wear. What a few of my friends do is chalk the sidewall up to the tread and then after a run see how much chalk rubbed away, then alter the pressure accordingly.

As far as performance, the car seemed fine at stock, but next time I think I'll start out a little higher and see if there's any improvement in handling or wear.

Nathanw, I don't understand the nitrogen argument. Have you seen this in action? Air is already 80% nitrogen. And nitrogen is just as beholden to the ideal gas law as any other gas, PV=nRT. Why would it not change pressure with temperature?

Anyone who uses nitrogen at the track, I'd be interested to see if the pressure really does remain constant.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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