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it is natural for tire pressures to increase while on the track because of the heat/friction being forced onto the tire. I wouldn't bleed them as soon as you come off the track. Just check them before you head out for the next session to make sure they are at the psi you determine works best for you.
There is only so much you can do with a street tire and stock suspension on the track. It's kinda of a catch 22, as in you can increase psi in a front tire to try and help stiffen the sidewall a little but at the same time the increase in psi will make your contact patch on the ground smaller. You'll have to find that sweet spot that works best for your car the it is set up now and your driving style. If you are seeing a lot of wear on the left front tire I'm guessing there are a lot of right turns on the track. It is real easy also to overdrive a tire that is only 225 mm wide on the front of an IS-F as well.
If you plan on tracking your car regularly, think about 18" track wheels and tires (read: wider wheels and tires :)) and even a coil over set up with some stiffer springs. The lower ride height (center of gravity), ability to make more of a 50/50 weight bias, and a bigger, stickier footprint will make you smile from ear to ear. (Don't forget some Hawk brake pads to make you stop even better:cool:)

Hope some of this helps,

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