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Look what this automotive journalist, John LeBlanc; had to say about the IS F:

Top 10 Misfit Cars? Bleh. :(
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clearly hes confused
Opinions are like noses....or somehting like that;)
that guy is a complete moron........
There's a lot of wanna be pundits that do not know what they're talking about. He tops the list.
That dude has no idea what he's talking about. Especially about the vette that's like the biggest sports car in the world because everyone and their grandmother owns one.
Wat a moron!! He's just jealous cuz he's still driving a pinto!!
haha, someone should reply to his comments, The cayenne dont belong in Porsche's lineup and the Is F don't belong in the Lexus lineup just like how a moron like you don't belong anywhere near cars.
I really don't care what anyone says..Overall I had more people actually staring at the F or asking Q&A about the car and even if they didn't like it I STILL DON'T CARE!! B/c Not everyone can't afford it..
Its like the GTR most people like the car but some find it very odd..
I actually emailed him and ask who the hell hired him. He actually responded and stated that he will email the remarks directly to the magazine itself. LOL. I pretty much mentioned that he's too biased towards certain cars and don't belong making subjective opinions. I mean, how do you make a remark for the Chevrolet Corvette, saying that it's an oddball? That car is like American Automotive history!!
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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