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Power Steering Fluid / Coolant

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I would like to seek a DIY or even a quick verbal explanation on changing power steering fluid and coolant on a 2008 Lexus isf. I have purchased Toyota long life coolant about a gallon, is this enough to do a simple drain and refill for the ISF? And if anyone can provide me links for diagrams or websites that would help with my isf,, thanks
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He is right about the power steering.

If anything, if you can't do a flush, find a competent shop to do it. I used to charge $50-60 to do coolant flushes. I haven't had to change out the coolant but I will check my car out and see if I can explain it in a simple process so you can do it if you really want to do it that way. I recommend a flush cause your car is pushing 3 years now, so that probably puts you at about 25-35k miles... would be worth the money. Doing this at these intervals will help things keep from getting too acidic in there and help things last longer. I will be back with something for you later.
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