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Power Project

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To tell you the truth I never though I would of ever mod my ISF but I happen to run into a deal and I took it. I'm currently in the middle of a project for Twin Turbo by Artistan but not installed by Artistan themself. Here are some picture of the project so far. Im not expecting to have the ISF running by end of Jan but hopefully soon. I will keep an update!


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OK, we need A LOT more info about this! Tell us about the ECU issue. Are you running a piggyback - or? What turbos? How're you tuning? Is a lot of fab necessary, i.e., fitting in the FMIC, etc.? More pics, please!!
Hey Grandpap, there is no fabrication really needed except cutting plastic trims
to fit the oil lines and pipping, all you really need to fit the FMIC is remove the front bumper guard and thats it. I actually took this project off from a friend who got tired of his IS-F. there will be no piggy back thats all I will say right now ! I will keep up as many update as possible
Cool. I had a modded subie (around 400 whp) so I'm interested in your project. Keep us posted.
Good luck with the project. The ECM is a BIG issue with this car and the folks who own them. Keep us posted.
abyars, yea i know there is A LOT of issues with the ECM but I have someone mapped out a new ECM diagram for this vehicle and were going to test how it will go once everything is install. its been really hard to get anything done with long work hours =/ i'll try to post a little more pictures later today

does anyone have any perference on what is a best coil or spring for this vehicle also? I don't see much option out there I'm looking for stock ride or better if possible, my flushed 11' prius rides better than this isF stock lol

this is actually the 2nd set of turbos for this set up my buddies blew the first turbos already so let see how it goes!
Search the forum as the overall word is the Tein's are the best ride springwise. Good luck.
here are additional video i was able to snap


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Nice progress...I can't wait to see the finished setup and how it looks under the hood! And maybe go for a spin too!
i have no pictures right now since it got sent out to a different state to get all the wiring redone. I'm hoping to get it back in a week or two. John Reed is the guy who is doing all the wiring and tunning for my vehicle.
hey calvin do you know what sort of tuning hes using? aem f/ic? or some other piggy back?
were doing a custom motec tuning from what i heard? but he is trying to figure out couple other options. but as of right now that is all i know.
ok guys i finished up the turbo install on my car with the methanol injection all wired in. had it up and running last night checking for leaks and everything is golden. took it for a quick spin the air fuel at full boost is about 11.4 which i think is pretty good for about 6psi. if anyone has a way to post pics i can email them. once i get it going good and make sure theres no other problems it will be going to get a aem f/ic controller installed for tuning.
More details... PLEASE!

It is exciting to see different attempts at forced induction while working around this ECU. I'm definitely going to jump on the first successful solution. :D

The methanol injection is also great to hear, I really hope you are successful tuning!
Also, upload the images to imgur and give address as imgur dot com if their is a link filter
ok so heres an update so far been driving the vehicle and the air fuel even under full throttle doesnt drop below 11.0, with the meth injection it tends to break up alittle at high rpms when it kicks in. if i turn it off no problem. im going to try and dyno it this week without a tune. then next week going in for the aem fic install.
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