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Powder-Coated Brake Calipers

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I've searched the LexusF and Club Lexus forums and there has been much said on the subject of painted brake calipers, so please forgive me if this is redundant redundant.

I asked a service advisor at my Lexus dealership if they would powder-coat my calipers and his response was they no longer painted the calipers for any car. He said it was expensive and that the paint chips right off.

Can any of you out there confirm this is true? My search of postings on the subject seemed to conclude that spray paint was easily chipped off but I am wondering about the durability of powder-coating.
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Powder coating is, by far, the most durable. You can literally strike a powder coated object with a hammer and dent the unit without chipping the paint. As durable as our calipers are I was always under the impression the calipers were already powder coated? Forgive me but you make reference to both "Paint, and Powder Coating" and there is a huge difference between the two. There are companies that will powder coat anything, check out your local phone book and good luck.
Abyars - thanks for your input. I want to get my calipers powder-coated ultrasonic blue to match the car's color.

Has anyone in the DFW area already done this to their ISF?
Here's an informative post by my good friend JavyLSU on CL:

Powdercoat on brakes = no no.

I've never done this, but I wanted to pass along a bit of advice that the engineers at Brembo gave me. The advised me to NEVER powdercoat a Brembo caliper (they themselves don't powdercoat their calipers, they paint them). Brembo calipers are not designed to be rebuilt, and the extreme heat that the powdercoating process requires could damage the components of the caliper, negatively affecting both its functionality and durability. Just an FYI for you guys considering this...

I'd like to see more info on this. Powdercoating temps are only 400 degrees or less (I use to do it). If a pizza can handle those temps surley a brake caliper can. Can't rebuild a Brembo caliper? That sounds a little weird also. I am absolutely not discounting anyone else's comments here but would just like to see a little more info to prove these facts.
I agree. I'd like to see what other manufacturers have to say about this as well.
I like the brake calipers as they are, plus, the black goes with every colour.
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