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Ported Intake Manifold *NOW AVALIBLE*

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I have the ported intake manifold finished! It looks amazing! Need to get a stock car to see gains, but with the amount of work that was done (12 hours) we are expecting good power gains! The throttle body uses the factory throttle plate, and the surface is smoothed and polished. Here are some pictures!

An average of 13WHP Gained!!!! DYNO PROVEN!
Pricing will be as follows
Intake Manifold and Plenum Polishing:
$799 +shipping
Ported Throttle Body:
$99 +shipping



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The results are in!!!!!!! We gained 13whp! I don't have the dyno yet, but Splat text me and told me the good news! The dyno sheets will be up on Monday when he gets a chance to email them to me! So as for when the extra power comes on I don't know yet!
Wow so far so good. 13whp is more than I was thinking but will reserve my full opinion until after I see the charts.
why the base numbers are so low, especially when looking at the claimed rwhp produced with aftermarket exhaust?
Those numbers aren't that low. I dyno'd about the same stock.

It would be ideal and most beneficial to all if we could see multiple charts. One overlaying all the baseline runs, one overlaying all the post intake manifold results and a final one overlaying the best of each.

Also include rpm and larger graphs. If someone can send me the raw files I can put this together as I did with my intake and exhaust testing.
Here is the dyno charts! 13whp on average.

I was just revisiting this thread and noticed something odd. This dynochart shows only 4 seconds between runs 4 and 13. :confused:
1 - 3 of 85 Posts
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