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Ported Intake Manifold *NOW AVALIBLE*

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I have the ported intake manifold finished! It looks amazing! Need to get a stock car to see gains, but with the amount of work that was done (12 hours) we are expecting good power gains! The throttle body uses the factory throttle plate, and the surface is smoothed and polished. Here are some pictures!

An average of 13WHP Gained!!!! DYNO PROVEN!
Pricing will be as follows
Intake Manifold and Plenum Polishing:
$799 +shipping
Ported Throttle Body:
$99 +shipping



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ODB was hooked up we could monitor all the sensors. It was not opening 100% it was doing the same thing when i took it for its baseline. I think when i got it serviced last that the dealerships did something to the ecu, as before my last service i had no issues on the dyno seeing 100% opening.

With your previous dynos were you using the same OBDII codes to read TPS? TPS in the car never hits 100% on US ECU's from what I understand (and have witnessed). The blitz adds a minor (+2%?) amount, again - from what I understand.

Also - is anyone aware of any -F ECU updates?
1 - 1 of 85 Posts
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