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Ported Intake Manifold *NOW AVALIBLE*

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I have the ported intake manifold finished! It looks amazing! Need to get a stock car to see gains, but with the amount of work that was done (12 hours) we are expecting good power gains! The throttle body uses the factory throttle plate, and the surface is smoothed and polished. Here are some pictures!

An average of 13WHP Gained!!!! DYNO PROVEN!
Pricing will be as follows
Intake Manifold and Plenum Polishing:
$799 +shipping
Ported Throttle Body:
$99 +shipping



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I believe they were in the past not sure. Also i didnt know any of this so thanks for the info. I will look into it and get back to you. I cant imagine driving a stock car anymore after the what i have done so far!
splat, has anyone brought up that the way he is porting it might not be optimal? It seems that im is polished throughout all the way into the runners leading to the chamber.

From what little i know, on other cars getting ported, we would leave the runner, just that final tube going into the chamber, rough, so that the air tumbles a bit before entering the chamber, that smooth runner lacks the turbulence caused by the rougher spot before entering the chamber. the tumbled air generally gives a better mix of a/f and thus a more efficient charge.

has this come up at all, or does this sound applicable at all. I am not an engineer, and this was just something I saw discussed, it seems plausible, but the difference also seems minute. and again Im only referencing the runners if that s what they're called, the legs of the spider if it was one.
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