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Ported Intake Manifold *NOW AVALIBLE*

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I have the ported intake manifold finished! It looks amazing! Need to get a stock car to see gains, but with the amount of work that was done (12 hours) we are expecting good power gains! The throttle body uses the factory throttle plate, and the surface is smoothed and polished. Here are some pictures!

An average of 13WHP Gained!!!! DYNO PROVEN!
Pricing will be as follows
Intake Manifold and Plenum Polishing:
$799 +shipping
Ported Throttle Body:
$99 +shipping



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To clear some stuff up... the car had a version of the street exhaust, Toms Filter, and a Joe-Z Intake Pipe. The exhaust that was used was something we were trying that BOMBED!!!

We tried to take care of the drone problem and make as much power as possible.... and again it BOMBED!

Trial and error is better on another persons car if you know what I mean! And I am very thankful that splat allows us to try things on his IS-F... Splat you the man!

Regardless the intake did make the 13HP and we will be installing the track exhaust back on Splats car to see what the numbers look like.

The porting look awesome. I will post pics of the install soon.

I also have to say Andy from Elite is one cool guy.
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