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Plug & Play Units

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There are three plug & play units I want to have installed in the future. They are the Tom's LTS, navigation override by Prestigious Society, and the Ipod adapter from the dealer. I just want to know if these devices will work together without causing problems such as shorts, electrocutions, explosions, and fire while the car is in motion (scary thought)!:eek: Does any of you have all of these installed? If so, please give me some feedback.:confused:
I'm assuming installation would be simultaneous, since they all plug in at the back of the nav unit?
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Lexus installed the Vaistech ipod adapter for me when I bought the car, and I installed the navi bypass myself. It works perfectly, no problems. I can't comment on the Tom's LTS, because I don't have it, but I can't imagine it causing any problems.
For anyone with the I-pod adapter, does the music sound better than when plugging it in to the speaker cord connector in the arm rest?
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