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Plug & Play Units

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There are three plug & play units I want to have installed in the future. They are the Tom's LTS, navigation override by Prestigious Society, and the Ipod adapter from the dealer. I just want to know if these devices will work together without causing problems such as shorts, electrocutions, explosions, and fire while the car is in motion (scary thought)!:eek: Does any of you have all of these installed? If so, please give me some feedback.:confused:
I'm assuming installation would be simultaneous, since they all plug in at the back of the nav unit?
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imo u need to stop thinking so extreme. the likelyhood that any of these add-ons would spontaneously short circut is very, very slim.
LOL, I was just kidding. Just wanted to know if there would be any problems. Anyway, thanks for the input, guys.
Oh, good! Thanks guys! :] I'll get them one by one and then have them installed all at once. Have to take it easy on the spending...
Get the Blitz. It's the same exact box as the Toms. Blitz makes the parts and rebrands it as Toms. I installed mine in 20 min or less yesterday. I like the Blitz unit overall. There are 4 modes, ECO, SP1, SP2 and SP3. ECO and SP1 are pretty good overall and is a step up from just regular sport mode. SP2 and SP3 are a bit too touchy. As soon as you depress the pedal the car lurches forward. The only thing that bothers me about SP3 is the sensitivity. Overall pretty nice.
In that case, I'll get the Blitz instead. Less money, same maker.
Thanks for the tip ngl1145.
I should be be getting the Navi bypass today. I can't wait to install it; I'm tired of not being able to use my nav while the car is in motion...
I ended up with the Prestigious Society one. I'm planning to install it with my cousin's help this Saturday. I'm also meeting with Clark tomorrow to have the Blitz Throttle Controller installed! Can't wait! :)
Lexus installed the Vaistech ipod adapter for me when I bought the car, and I installed the navi bypass myself. It works perfectly, no problems. I can't comment on the Tom's LTS, because I don't have it, but I can't imagine it causing any problems.
Do you have the navi bypass from Prestigious Society?
Oh yeah? I will call you tomorrow. I missed your call earlier this afternoon.

I have the same R-Spec unit purchased through Prestigious!
I just got back from VIP Autosalon and now enjoying the Blitz Throttle Controller! Man, what a difference!!! :)

I ordered the ipod interface from viastech and it should be arriving tomorrow, just in time for installation with the navi bypass. However, when I spoke to Clark about it, he said he's not sure whether the two would work together. That makes me anxious! Hope it all goes well tomorrow...
I just installed the navi bypass from Prestigious Society and it works just like a charm. Mark Hou from PS was very helpful on giving me some tips for the installation, on top of the written instructions that was provided. In fact, he was willing to drop by if I needed the help since I live close by his shop. That's excellent customer service and product that I highly recommend. Thank you Mark.
Which bypass did you end up getting? Let me know if you need any tips. Mine is installed finally and works great along side my Lexus accessory ipod adapter.
Hey Ryan, did the installer place the connector in your glove box? I'll be getting mine tomorrow (delayed delivery), and I'm wondering where would be the best place to put it. It looks like I have to cut a hole in the glove box if I decide to put it there. Any suggestions?
I ordered the SL2Vi-P4 and tried to install it, but I'm having trouble finding the multi-display unit connection. The diagram provided does not look anything like the back of our head unit. Can someone guide me? I wish it was as detailed as the instructions from Prestigious Society...
My ipod connector as well as PS navi bypass are both routed to the center console. I think this is the best place to have the controllers for both. They provide easy access to for the driver and no wires/controllers are exposed.
Okay, so did you drill a hole through your center console where the second cup holder is located? Where did you mount the boxes for the PS and the ipod connector? Will they both fit at the back of the head unit?
I'm researching the ISF right now, what is the Blitz controller? Is that an ECU mod???

So far the best mods for this car seem like the Joe Z exhaust system and the K&N Typhoon intake.
Check post #17.
Well folks, I finally have all three units installed and everything works well. Thanks to all for your input. Now I can't get enough of driving my car even more!
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