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Plug & Play Units

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There are three plug & play units I want to have installed in the future. They are the Tom's LTS, navigation override by Prestigious Society, and the Ipod adapter from the dealer. I just want to know if these devices will work together without causing problems such as shorts, electrocutions, explosions, and fire while the car is in motion (scary thought)!:eek: Does any of you have all of these installed? If so, please give me some feedback.:confused:
I'm assuming installation would be simultaneous, since they all plug in at the back of the nav unit?
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You shouldn't have any issues at all. Everything works flawlessly together. I forgot to show you on Clark's IS F that the override was installed also. Ooops!
Which bypass did you end up getting? Let me know if you need any tips. Mine is installed finally and works great along side my Lexus accessory ipod adapter.
Oh yeah? I will call you tomorrow. I missed your call earlier this afternoon.

I have the same R-Spec unit purchased through Prestigious!
I have my ipod connector in the center console. Easy access compared to the glove box. :)
1 - 4 of 37 Posts
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