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Plug & Play Units

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There are three plug & play units I want to have installed in the future. They are the Tom's LTS, navigation override by Prestigious Society, and the Ipod adapter from the dealer. I just want to know if these devices will work together without causing problems such as shorts, electrocutions, explosions, and fire while the car is in motion (scary thought)!:eek: Does any of you have all of these installed? If so, please give me some feedback.:confused:
I'm assuming installation would be simultaneous, since they all plug in at the back of the nav unit?
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Get the Blitz. It's the same exact box as the Toms. Blitz makes the parts and rebrands it as Toms. I installed mine in 20 min or less yesterday. I like the Blitz unit overall. There are 4 modes, ECO, SP1, SP2 and SP3. ECO and SP1 are pretty good overall and is a step up from just regular sport mode. SP2 and SP3 are a bit too touchy. As soon as you depress the pedal the car lurches forward. The only thing that bothers me about SP3 is the sensitivity. Overall pretty nice.
^So it's worth it Nick?
I think it's an improvement to the car that you can actually feel right away. There are some mods you hear, some mods you feel. This is definitely a feel one :) I like it so far.
Dangit, now I'm talking to Clark about picking one up, looks like we're helping each other spend money :cool:
I know!! Like I said before, it's your photos that influenced me to get the Lexon. Should be here tomorrow. I think you'll like the plug and play type nature of the LTS. The only hard part was that it was a little awkward unplugging the cable from the top of the accelerator. Other than that everything went smooth. Even the ECO mode gives you more power.
I asked Clark what the difference was between the TOM's and Blitz and he said he wasn't really sure, they're made by the same maker but the timing on each could be different.

Nick, it changes the dynamics of the car and makes it quite the beast correct?
There is no timing with the LTS. The LTS unit essentially amplifies the throttle response such that if you were on SP3 mode, your IS-F would be under full throttle at 1/2 the full pedal motion. I believe there must have been an OEM agreement between Blitz and TOMS where Blitz makes the electronic components and brands it TOMS. As a result TOMS sells theirs for a premium despite the name difference. Both units look identical other than the name that's on the screen. Carson Toyota also says they are the same units just re-branded.

It does changes the way car feels. That's why I posted in an earlier message that this is one of the mods you really feel right away. Again it does not give you more power, however it does change the way the power is delivered. If you put it on SP3 mode, you'll feel the surge of power when you step on it as opposed to being evenly distributed. Personally I like ECO and SP1 mode the best. SP2 and SP3 mode can be a little too touchy for me and you end up feeling the car jerk a bit when you let go of the throttle.

Installation was pretty easy. It only took me 20 min to install. It would have been faster if it wasn't so awkward to reach the top of the accelerator sensor. I actually looked at a DIY on the 2nd gen IS board however some of the pics they show are wrong. The actual sensor is located on the top of the accelerator assembly. Just be careful when pulling things apart. I mounted my control for the LTS just above where the button is to open the trunk or the fuel cover.

Could be my imagination, but after I installed the Joe Z I feel the car actually picks up faster especially when I put my car in ECO or SP1 mode. The other day I ran a japanese sport bike (not sure which one) pretty hard in SP1 mode. Must be 600 cc or so. He jumped on me at first but I actually was neck to neck with him by the end of it.

Off topic but dropped my Lexon front lip to get painted today. :)
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