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Just when i thought it couldn't get worse it has. I hate my car despite the fact that i love it. My car has roughly 18K miles on it and i just dropped it off for service and here is what i got:

20K service- Oil Change, Filters, Etc- $556.75

2 hours later i get a second call and here is the great news. Car needs new tires, front brake pads/Rotors (second time in 18K miles), and rear brake pads/ rotors.

Grand Total: $4956.83

What the F!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is this normal? I do only city driving, never been to a track or out of the city... This cannot be normal am i being taken for a ride? I told my guy to hold off on the brakes and tires but apparently it needs to be changed bad! how could this be? I've had cars for 3 years without changing tires... Please help.....
Is someone else driving this car besides you? Are you telling us the whole story?

20k service pricing you have seems abnormal to me as well. Our 20k service is $152.08 on the IS-F INCLUDING a new battery for your remote!:rolleyes:

Front tires I could see as a possibility at 18k miles but not all new front and rear brakes. Especially if the fronts have already been done. Get a second opinion, please.
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