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I do actually have the tire and wheel package so I guess I'll just give it a try. Trust me I've tried pretty darn hard to remove it but it is pitting for sure since its only on the inside part of the rims between the spokes. The texture is like the paint has come off or something, kind of grainy. The back wheels are fine and I clean my rims at least once every one to two weeks. Anyways thanks for the reply's I really appreciate it.
Have you tried using claybar yet? It works!!! It is not pitting, I promise. Hot, spent brake dust that builds up feels grainy, exactly like you describe. The front brakes do 75-80% of the braking. You should expect to see more brake dust/build up (not pitting!) on the front wheels. The factory brake pads have a high metallic content and contribute to the buildup. I have personally cleaned the factory IS-F wheels with claybar and a soapy water solution with great success. It will take more than just spraying on some cleaner and wiping with a sponge. Try it out. :)
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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