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pitting question?

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I have heard about pitting, but haven't seen any pictures of the actual thing. Just a couple days ago I started to notice it on my front right wheel. So please look at the link and see if this is pitting or something else. I have hit no curbs so this is gotta to be pitting. thanks. What steps should I take if this is pitting?
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What I see in that pict. is a very neglected wheel where the finish appears to be peeling. It doesn't look like pitting to me. Any alloy wheel needs TLC, and with the abrasive brake dust put out by the Brembos, the wheels need to be kept clean and should be waxed regularly. However, peeling is not normal. Take it to the dealer. I'd advise you to clean them up first, as the dealer could blame you for the condition.

That looks like a curb was scratched....have you ever valeted the car or had anyone else drive it?

That doesn't look like pitting at all imo, perhaps someone with more experience can tell you for sure though
i haven't curbed it like that for sure. Could the dealership have done it? I just noticed it and pretty sure its recent. I took my car in for the 5,000 mile service, so could they have done it?
That's definitely curbed. There's nothing you can do atm if it is the dealers fault when you got it for service. If you notice any damage you would have to notify them right away. But you can try talking to them but most likely they'll say something like that or just say that it was your fault and that you did it.
You guys say the wheel is curbed. I have seen many curbed wheels, and this doesn't look like one to me, The finish seems to be peeling, there's still some curled up finish on the edges. If it was curbed, maybe a very light brush with a curb could cause such damage. And maybe a very light brush might not be noticed by the driver. A Lexus dealer washes the car after a service, unless requested not to do so. This car appears not to have been cleaned recently. It's worth a try with the dealer, but I don't hold out much hope.

Have you ever had the tires changed on the car? If you had the tires changed it could be from harsh tire removal from the rim. If not it looks like it brushed a curb but it's really hard to scratch those rims considering the tires have a rim protector built into them.
Or I think it can be when you take it to the car wash place with the tracker, they probably got scraped on the railings.
Time to get you some of these...

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That might be pitting to the left of the valve stem?
That might be pitting to the left of the valve stem?
That just looks like built up brake dust. Some wheel cleaner, a soft towel and elbow grease will get it out.
Jumpin on the bandwagon here. Looks like someone been a curbin'. From what I see when looking close at the pic it looks like the rubber above the crease has scratch marks on it too. Find a body shop that can blend and paint the wheel to match. It won't be perfect, but it should come out good enough that you don't notice it unless you are really looking for it.
I honestly think that it has been curbed, I can't think of anything else...
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