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Pictures of My Car

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Wheel Tire Vehicle Car Automotive tire

here, i got sum pics today. same color combo as that. with the red terri clotta interior. what u guys think.
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Tire Wheel Vehicle Car Grille

Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Automotive lighting
heres all the pics i got so far. sry if i repeated any im new to this totally n dont even know how to post. been browsin this forum for month n half n rly got 2 see alot of different things that helped me mod.
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Your car looks good but you should create your own topic instead of spamming everyone's with off topic posts
i wish i new how make a post i been on here month n half browsing n still cant find newhere how to do so. sry for spamming.
There is a "New Topic" buttom on every sub-forum. It's at the top of the page under the ads. You can't miss it.
ty neway, but all i see still is active topics and new posts. neither let me make a post. this is really aggravating tbh. sigh. i must be a douche.
is there anyway you can post the pics on a new thread from me? ffs this is really aggravating.
To create a new thread, click on the "New topic" button on a forum page. That is where the "Add Reply" button is on a thread page.

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I moved these related posts to a new thread for the OP.

Those wheels are killer.
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